wooden doors

Our quality meranti wooden doors make your dreams come true while opening up your house to invite visitors. Our excellent doors provide safety and security. There are a variety of meranti panel doors: 2 panel, 4 panel, 6 panel, 8 panel, 10 panel. If you prefer Cape Dutch or Framed and Ledged style doors or stable doors and Glass top solid bottom doors or a Happy door or a meranti wood cottage pane or full pane door – there is various possibilities – custom made or standard sized wood doors.

A quality Pro Wood wooden glass door adds splendour to your dreamhome. The wooden front door is mostly the trademark gateway to your interior home. We only use superior quality meranti wood for our wooden doors. Our seven year guarantee underline us as a leading wooden door manufacturer. Where wood you be without a Pro Wood meranti wooden door? Where do you need your wooden door? We deliver on your doorstep in the greater Gauteng, Johannesburg or Pretoria. Ask today for a delivery quote if you are further from our factory as Gauteng. Compare our wooden door prices, our guarantee and our service to other manufacturers and you will realise we are the best!