Pro Wood – High Quality Meranti & Aluminium Doors & Windows

Pro Wood is a manufacturer of High Quality Meranti wooden and Aluminium windows and doors in South Africa. We are committed to the innovation and product excellence that your home deserves!

Welcome to the Pro Wood website – Your High Quality Meranti Wooden and Aluminium Doors & Window Specialists

At Pro Wood we pride ourselves on outstanding craftmanship by producing the best meranti & aluminium windows and doors in the industry! We continually strive towards designing the best wooden and aluminium products possible through technical innovation, therefore providing the quality and performance that you have come to expect from our windows and doors!


At Pro Wood our customers are important. We keep our customers for years! Pro Wood believes in great personal service which comes from one of our directors – Sunet & Denise(quotations), Francois(manufacturing) or Marius(service and marketing). If a problem is stated we give answers within 24 hours. We service our customers’ problems within one week, mostly within three working days. Meranti wood is a lively material and if you treat it with respect it will respect you. If there are problems our aim is to sort it out a soon as possible. Please give us a call if you need any more information about Pro Wood & our high quality Meranti Wood and Aluminium.


Our prices are the lowest in the business of meranti wooden and aluminium windows and doors! Although our products are of excellent quality we try to live and let live. Therefore our mark up is as low as possible. We believe that if the customer is satisfied they will time and again come to us for our products. We give our best price from the start. The once off customer is as important to us as the greatest developers.


We are a family business and people and their dreams are important to us. Our workers are family people and we treat them with the highest respect. They give us products of excellent quality. As management we try to combine our dreams with the dreams of our workers and the dreams of our customers. We try to encourage a positive quality lifestyle and believe our meranti wooden and aluminium windows and doors enhances precisely that.

If you would like some more information on our outstanding work, then please contact us, and we will provide you with all the information that you need.



Visit our premises on appointment only.

Phone : 0123624768

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Quick Contact Numbers

012 362 4768 Office
082 777 2769 Quotes
072 436 1912 Marketing
072 347 1737 Factory


Must be collected at the factory and not the street address of Prowood.

Factory GPS coordinates:

S 25 57' 06.7"
E 28 21' 26.5"

Entrance on Pretoria - Delmas Road (R50), Farm Grootfontein 394 J R.

Please phone to confirm pickup